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Portrait, Wedding, & Family Photography - Jacob Vorpahl

Change is in the wind!

Thank you for visiting onebrightspot.com.   Depending on how and why you’ve come to this site, you might be looking for the photographic work of Jacob Vorpahl under the name “One Bright Spot Photography”.  Well, that’s me.  However, I’ve changed the name of my photography business from One Bright Spot Photography to, simply, Jacob Vorpahl Photography.  It easier for all my clients to remember and putting my photography brand under my name unifies everything.  If you’re looking for my work, are a current/past client, or are looking to book a shoot, you can visit my new website at JacobVorpahl.com.

If you’ve come here because you’re a photographer who’s read some of my past material, I’ve got some great news for you.  Photography is a strong passion of mine, and it just so happens that writing is as well.  I’m combining the two into an effort to give something back to the photographic community.  Onebrightspot.com will now be home to One Bright Spot Media, a new company I’ve formed to provide today’s photographers with relevant photography and business information.  The photographic field is a rewarding one, but also an unforgiving one when it comes to business.  Since I’ve started navigating this mine field, I’ve appreciated the photographers and business men and women who’ve given their time through blogs and books to help those of us coming up behind them avoid the dangers that are sure to come.  Now I’d like to start “paying it forward”, and it’s going to focus around this blog.

I ask you to be patient, however.  My number one priority are the clients I’m serving in my business and it takes up a LOT of time (we want to make sure they have a reason to come back).  With that in mind, this blog will be developed in the time I can pull myself away from my business and write.  I’m going to put in whatever time I can, but it might take a bit for all the kinks and bugs to be worked out.  If you’ll be patient, when this things gets rolling, I promise I’ll make it up to you.

Thanks for tuning in and keep checking back as things evolve!